Amazon Web Services

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Amazon Web Services

Tired of dealing with the hassle of maintaining your own servers and infrastructure?
Do you want to focus on growing your business without worrying about the technical aspects?
Amazon Web Services is the ultimate solution for you!
With a powerful set of tools and cloud computing services, AWS helps Small to Medium-sized Enterprises(SMEs) & large-scale businesses to quickly and inexpensively store, process and analyze critical data. Not only that, your sensitive data remains secure at one place without any risk of unauthorized access or data breaches or theft.
Even if you are a startup, AWS managed services have all the essential tools you need to cut cost, boost productivity and stay organized throughout the business processes.

Types of Amazon Web Services

With the largest cloud market share of 32%, top AWS services curate startups and fortune 500 companies alike. Plus, AWS has 200+ fully featured solutions used by millions of customers globally.
Take a look at various services provided by AWS to kick off agility & innovation-

Benefits Of Amazon Web Services

Why Choose Netlynx For AWS?

We take a personalized approach to provide tailored AWS solutions.

Our team will work closely with you to understand your business objectives, challenges & budget to provide a solution that's right for you.

We follow a proven implementation methodology to ensure the successful deployment of AWS solutions. It involves assessing your current infrastructure, identifying gaps, designing a solution, testing & finally deploying it.

Our team comprises AWS-certified experts who have 5+ years of experience in designing, deploying & managing AWS solutions.

Our support team is available 24/7 to provide assistance to ensure that any issues are resolved promptly.

We offer competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of our services. Our pricing is transparent and we make sure the solution fits within your budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some of the frequently asked questions and answers about aws services.
Security is a top priority for AWS, and there are many measures you can take to protect your environment, such as using strong passwords, implementing access controls, and monitoring your system for potential threats. Our team can help you create a customized security plan tailored to your business needs.
Yes, AWS has a suite of powerful data analytics tools and services that can help you collect, store, process, and analyze data. Some of the services that AWS offers for data analytics are Amazon S3, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Redshift, Amazon EMR, and Amazon QuickSight. When selecting the analytical service, first determine all the necessary requirements aligned with your business and budget.
Here are few steps you can follow:
  • Assess your current environment
  • Choose the right migration strategy
  • Create a migration plan
  • Set up your AWS environment
  • Reconfiguring your applications to work in the cloud
  • Optimize and monitor
Migrating to AWS is complex, but we have extensive experience in helping businesses make the transition. We can help you assess your current environment, plan your migration, and execute the process smoothly to minimize downtime and disruptions.
3 Amazon cloud hosting plans are-
  • On-Demand: pay for the resources you use on an hourly or per-second basis. There are no upfront costs, and you can scale your resources up or down as needed.
  • Reserved Instances: Reserved Instances offer discounted pricing for customers who commit to using specific resources for a set period.
  • Spot Instances: Spot Instances allow you to bid on unused AWS capacity and use that capacity to run your applications.
Amazon CloudFront is a content delivery network (CDN) that distributes content to end users with low latency and high data transfer speeds. With CloudFront, you can cache frequently accessed content at edge locations around the world, reducing the load on your origin servers and improving performance for your users.

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