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Features that make us stand out from other ChatBots

The Power of Accessibility

nXbot is the most Accessibility-Friendly, Personalized and Smart ChatBot. nXbot makes it easy to provide tailored experiences, reduce time-to-resolution, and build trust between businesses and their customers.

Chat UI Customization​

Customize your ChatBot experience via Chat UI to create a more engaging and fluid user experience. Change the appearance of your chatbot, change colors, increase letter & line spacing and many more.

Share Chat via Email

After your chat is completed, you can email the chat with all the important fundamentals from your conversation. This ability allows you to document all interactions in one easy location and seamlessly transition between conversations.

Company Profile

Your customers can get familiar with your company in a more friendly way than data sheets and marketing materials. ChatBot is a quick interface they can use to understand your business, products and services.

Online User Guide

This is a guide for all the things that can be done in the chatbot. Click on the chatbot to get started with the services you offer, to connect with an executive, request a call back, and more.

Keyboard Shortcuts

We have keyboard shortcuts built into the nXbot, so you can type your commands without tapping a button or clicking it. To use the keyboard shortcut functions press and hold the ALT button + the dedicated key.