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Android is the world’s most popular mobile platform. Netlynx is a team of Android developers and designers based in the USA. We help your company develop its own fully customized Android applications for a fraction of the cost.

Android App Development

Companies are aware of the demand for and popularity of smartphone applications. However, the finest feature is that, when compared to other platforms or devices, Android has the largest user base. As a result, you can capture the whole Android market with an application that offers an interface beyond your wildest dreams. To create a competitive application that would provide you a higher ROI in this situation, you need the greatest support and experienced counsel.

Since we are familiar with the requirements for perfection and their application, Netlynx makes full use of its innovations and technology. We rely on inventiveness that is oriented toward solid support and timely delivery. We get down with our clients during the first development phase to grasp their businesses, industrial niches, target markets, and expectations. Then, we present the complete app in accordance with those understandings.

Benefits of Android App Development

Improved Security

Android application development offers remarkable benefits in terms of safety and security because Android has various security mechanisms that defend against viruses.

Higher Engagement

The substantial Android user base can significantly increase user engagement and business growth.

Flexibility and Scalability

With the Android Studio that supports all devices, integrating Android apps is now simpler.

Low Investment and High ROI

Developing an Android app can result in significant, long-term rewards and the investment inAndroid is incredibly minimal. At a very reasonable cost, we assist you in growing your customer base and your business.

App Development Services We Offer

Android App Development

Andersen’s Android experts build world-class mobile apps with great usability. The specialists in our Android team have mastered all modern and necessary tools for building robust solutions.

Android Solution Architecture

The Solution Architecture team is made up of seasoned experts in different business areas, who are always ready to participate in the product development process to ensure your Android ecosystem works smoothly.

UI/UX Design for Android

Android solutions envisioned and designed by our experts will offer your users intuitive interfaces, convenient user-flows, and best-matching visual elements to increase their satisfaction.

Android Security Services

Andersen’s Android developers possess advanced skills, solid knowledge of modern cyber security technologies, and a deep understanding of security policies.

Android QA and Testing

Approach us to thoroughly set a QA infrastructure or test and improve your Android solutions. With our QA engineers, you can be sure that your Android application will be running properly.

Google Play Compliance

Andersen’s Android consulting and support services will help you ensure compliance with Google Play standards and guidelines for a smooth and seamless launch and optimization.

Features of Android App Development ?

Cloud Integration

Our Android app cloud integration gives you speedy and dependable cloud services for Android apps, helping you get rid of the extra data space.

UI/UX Design for Android App

Make an actual impact. Our apps stand out thanks to their aesthetically attractive design. Over the years, this has served as the main tenet of our Android app development services.

Incorporating Third-Party APIs

Payment gateways, SMS services, Google services, social media API integration, chat services, and many other applications have been successfully linked with third-party APIs. Trust Netlynx to link you in the best way possible.

IoT Applications

To keep your business updated in this digital era, we develop Android applications for the internet of things.

Development Process

Why to choose Netlynx for Android App Development?

Customer-First Policy

We follow your instructions, whether you require our end-to-end support for developing an Android app or redevelopment services for an existing mobile application.

Experienced Professionals

More than anything else, Netlynx mobile app developers are committed to producing high-quality apps. As a result, they keep themselves informed about the newest technology and trends in mobile app development.

Post-Deployment Android App Development Support

To ensure that your Android mobile application delivers the outcomes you were hoping for, our team of Android app developers will continue to support you even after deployment.

Migration and Update of Android Apps

The Netlynx team offers migration and update services to keep your apps relevant and at the top of the quality benchmarks.

Free Consultation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some of the frequently asked questions and answers about Android App Development.

Any application's development time is influenced by a number of variables, including the app's type, its platform compatibility (native or cross-platform), its complexity in terms of design and functionality, the team's prior development expertise, etc. To discuss your development needs, get in touch with us.

Complexity, features, business logic, cloud infrastructure, native vs. cross-platform app development, etc. are all elements that affect how much it costs to design an app.

In the past, businesses might have decided to create apps that only support one platform. The Android and iOS systems both hold large market shares in the present, thus the majority of businesses decide to create apps that are compatible with both systems.

The Netlynx team will only offer counsel and assist you in creating the App for your clients because the App is your idea, concept, and business and you hold the rights to it.

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