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    Software Development ​

    In today’s digital world, compelling innovation is required across all major industries. By redesigning business software development solutions of varying levels of complexity, we assist organizations in achieving consistent success. Scalable software that improves key aspects of your business can help you support your business infrastructure. We are a full cycle software product development company offering end-to-end product development services for your company, from market research and business analysis to development, deployment, and post-market maintenance.

    Netlynx is a company dedicated to providing the best software for your company’s needs.

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    Technologies Used In Software Development​

    IoT is a rapidly expanding market with numerous opportunities for software development. It enables fast data processing and mining from physical objects.


    IoT is a rapidly expanding market with numerous opportunities for software development. It enables fast data processing and mining from physical objects.

    Big data

    Scalable software that aggregates and processes massive amounts of data quickly.

    Artificial Intelligence

    AI is capable of drawing insights and triggering actions based on historical and real-time data processing. We offer complete AI services to assist you in developing intelligent appliances and communications networking systems.


    Blockchain is a new technology that enables direct peer-to-peer transactions. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to bring success to our clients in this field.

    Cloud Computing

    We can deploy on various cloud platforms, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, as an experienced software development company.

    Services In Software Development

    Web App Development

    • Web application development involves creating software applications that run on web browsers and can be accessed through the internet.
    • It typically involves a combination of programming languages, frameworks, and tools to build interactive and dynamic web applications that meet the specific needs of businesses and users.
    • Web application development has become increasingly important in today’s digital landscape, as more and more businesses rely on web-based tools and services to operate and grow their operations.

    ERP Development

    • Do you need an ERP solution that meets your business requirements while also aligning with your corporate vision?
      Netlynx will aid you in obtaining the following ERP benefits. ERP can be integrated with any system, including legacy software, making it easy for you to stay ahead of the game.
    • Comfortable user experience and clear user interface for different user roles.
      Long term optimized TCO.

    CRM Development

    • We develop CRM solutions that help you manage customer interactions, lead management, sales leads, marketing campaigns, and more.
    • Connect your CRM to all lead generation sources and put an end to time-consuming manual lead creation.
    • Improve the speed and quality of lead processing with live AI support and gain visibility into the end-to end sales pipeline.

    POS Development

    • A POS system is essentially software that facilitates complex business operations.
    • The functionality is very simple and anyone can operate it.
    • The main purpose of a POS system is to receive invoices for purchased products/services.
    • They are also responsible for managing inventory and customers, enabling employees to track purchases, rewarding loyal customers, and analyzing sales trends.

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    What Our Recent Clients Say About Our Work

    ” Netlynx always takes pride in delivering the best and nothing less “

    Mark and Netlynx Inc helped me with web design and SEO to help keep up with our growing company. These guys are good, and I highly recommend them!

    Organic Marketing
    Owner – Randy Meier​
    Mark and his staff at Netlynx Inc made building our website as easy as possible. They worked tirelessly to meet the deadlines.
    Royalty Precious Metals logo
    Royalty Precious Metals
    Owner – Kent Sullivan
    Fantastic experience! After the initial project, I’ve gone on to do 3 other projects already. I will continue sending all of my web design work to Netlynx.
    Get EVGas logo
    Get EVGas
    Owner – Troy K.
    I have very much enjoyed working with Netlynx. Very professional and on top of their job !!​

    Atlas Diagnostics
    Atlas Diagnostic Imaging​
    CEO – Mashel​
    These guys are the best, very prompt and responsive, please check the quality of their work it is fabulous, they also have the best price.
    Branford Institute
    Brandford Institute
    Owner – Niyi
    Samuel was an amazing help throughout the process of our website building. Very responsive and punctual.
    Body Wise
    Body Wise
    CEO – Jessica Felico​

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A1: Software Development Services means design, development, maintenance, implementation, support, testing, documentation and other services required to create, extend, enhance, modify, update or update.
    A2: Yes, we are always happy to provide technical support and service for your developed apps. We can also develop further software products if you want to implement new features or integrate third-party services.
    A3: Each project is unique and requires an individual approach, but most stages of development are relevant for everyone. However, the actual process of implementation may differ slightly. To know our working process, we invite you to contact us.
    A4: Yes. Our software engineers are well-versed in a variety of technologies and can typically continue a product started by another team.
    A5: It is determined by a variety of factors, including the project’s scope, duration, and technical issues. It may appear hazy, but I’m being truthful. Consider the fact that every software project is unique, especially if you have a unique idea. Don’t make unrealistic estimates. We want to offer the best quality within your budget.

    Plan new ideas and realize real business value by taking full advantage of our out-of-the-box custom software development services.

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