9 SEO Trends You Must Watch Out For in 2024!

Today’s digital landscape is a hyper rollercoaster where SEO has all the control. SEO improves visibility and visibility increases conversions. This is why most modern companies cannot sustain without a strong SEO strategy. So, are you ready to dive into 9 SEO trends you must watch out for in 2024? After reading this article, you’ll transform from a trend-chaser to a trendsetter!

We’ve got nine game-changing trends that are gearing up to define the SEO galaxy. Our list will discuss why we feel they are important and how they can impact your SEO game. So, buckle up and get ready! This list isn’t a roadmap, it’s the ultimate treasure hunt that promises gold on the other end.

1. Google SGE Will Impact Searches

SGE or Search Generative experience was launched by Google in May 2023 in certain parts of the world and is believed to become a game changer in the coming years. SGE will become the perfect tool for people on the go.

Although Google has the rank 0 feature where they showcase a list of pointers, Google’s SGE feature aims to take that a step further. The Search Generative Experience aims to provide netizens with key pointers and highlight answers to questions without having to click on a page. This might reduce on-page traffic and the only way to stay on top is through good quality, well-researched content.

What does this mean for you? It means that if you want to stay ahead of the competition you need to produce content that is easy to skim through, one that provides information to your customers without info-dumping on them. Start 2024 by understanding SGE even if it isn’t launched in your locality yet. Understanding how it works and how to create SGE-friendly content will give you an upper hand in 2024.

SGE may seem daunting, especially if you haven’t seen it on your systems. But if you work with experienced SEO service providers, you can get ahead in the game.

2. Importance of Crowd-Sourced Reviews and Personal Experience

In a world where AI content is becoming more common, people are starting to be on the lookout for ‘human-ness’. That’s right, AI makes it easier to produce quick content and this takes away from the human experience – something readers are naturally drawn to.

So while it may be tempting to rely on AI bots to do the heavy duty content work, search engines are giving importance to crowd secured content and personal experiences.

When was the last time you purchased a product without glancing at the reviews? Probably never, right? User generated content bridges the gap between the company and its consumers. It’s a small step that stops consumers from raising their eyebrows at you and makes them feel like you are one of them.

So this 2024, give importance to crowd sourced content like testimonials, articles, videos etc. It’s not just about boosting credibility; it’s about climbing the search engine tiers one step at a time. The more your community sings your praises, the higher you soar in those search results. Foster a community-driven vibe by creating a space where your users feel heard and valued. After all, they are the hero of your brand story!

3. Catering to an Audience with a Decreasing Attention Span

In today’s whirlwind of information and media overload, catching and holding onto your audience’s attention is like chasing a fleeting comet. Our SEO marketing consultants have noticed a shift in the attention spans of viewers. It’s tough, but not impossible! Popular Search Engines know this very well and hence are incorporating features like SGE. This means that you not only have to compete with the netizen’s diminishing attention spans but with Search Engines as well.

Your content needs to be meaningful, visually stunning, and easy to digest. Use eye-catching graphics, dazzling images, and videos to your advantage. It will make your audience stop scrolling and pay attention.

Interactive content that asks your customers for their opinion, works too. Add polls, and quizzes – things that make them tap, swipe, grin and keep them on your page.

4. Brand Metrics Will Matter Over Everything Else

Forget the traditional SEO playbook; there is a new ruler in town—brand metrics! We’re stepping into a world where your brand’s popularity will set the pace for search rankings.

What are brand metrics you may ask? It is a quantifiable way to track brand health and overall performance for their branded campaigns. To put it simply, if an offline yet famous brand suddenly decides to come online, it may be preferred by search engines against its competitors, even if the competitors have a better online ranking.

So while content will continue to be important, you need to work on building stronger bonds with customers, both online and offline. The brand’s vibes, the love your audience showers on you, and the loyalty they pledge—it’s all going to be SEO’s key factors.

5. Content is King

Top SEO marketing companies are noticing a slight gap between AI and EI content online. Emotional intelligence (EI) is poised to take centre stage amidst the AI frenzy of 2024. While AI has been the talk of the town, there’s a rising tide leaning towards EI. AI is fantastic for creating content quickly however human touch (and voice) keeps audiences connected to your brand. When everyone’s using the same tools in similar ways, being authentically human is what sets you apart.

This 2024, incorporate a lot of manual research into your content writing strategy. Writeups and personal experiences from industry experts will also improve SEO. AI can be a part of your writing strategy but make sure to balance it out with a lot of human input, perspectives and humor.

6. Aim for a Multi-Channel Visibility

Your digital presence isn’t just a single platform; it’s an intricate web woven across various platforms. In 2024, the name of the game is multi-channel visibility. In 2024, you cannot have a solid website SEO strategy and neglect your social media presence.

Search engines are becoming smart – they know that a brand is no longer about a well-written blog – it’s about a brand experience. What caters to your brand experience? It is a combination of everything from your website, blog, social media pages, podcasts to your offline presence.

Every platform has a rankability feature. Look at Instagram for instance, when you click on the suggestions tab, there’s a list of content for you to engage with. Who decides which piece of content gets precedence – the algorithms of course.

This 2024, you must think of a multi-channel SEO strategy that is not limited to website content creation. Take a big step forward with podcasts, blogs, social media content etc for multi-channel visibility.

7. Manual Research Is Back in Trend

How many of you have been here since the early 2000s? Remember the times when you would manually research everything before writing an article? Well, looks like that is back in trend! In the era of automation, there’s a rebirth of the hands-on approach: manual research! While it is very easy to get all your answers from an AI chatbot, manual research and fact checking affects the way you write content and 2024 is going to put immense value on ‘human-ness’ – a part of it will include manual research.

Where you get your information from will speak volumes as well. Try to incorporate personal opinions, forums niche experts to create your content – because of course, no one knows the industry better than you. Manual research will go an extra mile to give customers personalised input.

8. Special importance to EEAT guidelines

Search engines are getting smarter by the minute. They crave content that’s not just good but trustworthy, expert-level, and—wait for it—immediately useful to users’ queries. Following the E-E-A-T guidelines (experience, expertise, authority and trust) will improve your chances of ranking on competitive search terms.

We feel EEAT will simplify content importance for rising (and digitally famous) companies. Simply by asking yourself if every piece of content ticks all the boxes of the EEAT guideline, you can reduce the chances of redundancy, ensuring good content is under the limelight every time.

9. Importance to video content

Let’s talk about the game-changer in the SEO world: videos! Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this massive opportunity and make your mark. In this digital realm, everyone’s hooked on videos! We’re talking about nearly 3.5 billion digital video viewers worldwide, and guess what? Search engines have taken notice!

About 89% of people admit that watching a video convinced them to make a purchase. That’s the power of video persuasion! But, before you hit record on that camera, let’s talk strategy!

You need a strategy that sets your videos apart—making sure your audience not only watches but keeps coming back for more. Tools like Google’s Keyword Analytics and YouTube’s Keyword Analytics, works as a goldmine, helping you understand what your target audience is looking for to get to you. This makes your video stand out in the crowd. You can also design eye-catching thumbnails with tools like Canva to boost click-through rates and make ’em irresistible!

Another reason why videos are becoming so popular is that they add to the human experience. This is why videos that have a person speaking in them, automatically perform better than videos with a bot voice or no faces.


So, here’s our list of the 9 SEO Trends You Must Watch Out For in 2024. All these new strategies may seem overwhelming at first but having a professional SEO marketing consultant, like Netlynx, on your side will make the process much easier. We’ve decoded the secrets and uncovered the shifts, and now, it’s time to put these insights into action. You are the architects of your digital destiny! It’s not enough to know these trends; it’s about seizing the moment and adapting to the ever-evolving world of SEO strategies.

Remember, SEO isn’t just about search engines; it’s about connecting with people, resonating with their needs, and delivering value. Working with expert SEO service providers will help you get there much faster.

All the best with your SEO journey. Let us know if you need any help with the process.

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